Home School Early Start Pack (ages 3-4)

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Letterland, an imaginary land where learning letter shapes and sounds is made easier with the help of Letterland characters, such as Harry Hat Man and Talking Tess. They make phonics easy for any young child who enjoys stories, songs and actions! Storytelling is an excellent teaching strategy; it engages the child’s imagination and can be used to increase vocabulary.

The following pack contains the basic, reusable items you need to teach Letterland. The teacher guides provide some resources that can be photocopied or printed for ‘bookwork’, and there are free resources that can be downloaded from the Letterland website as well. These can be supplemented with a variety of Letterland activity books, workbooks, readers, flashcards, software, and games etc. or with whatever you have available at home or the library.

The Early Start Pack is designed to give the very young child (age 3 to 4) an introduction to phonics, and a head start on learning to read. Included in this pack are the basic materials you need to start your child on the road to reading:
A teacher manual to guide you; the ABC story book to introduce your child to the Letterland characters, their sounds and shapes; alphabet songs CD to make practice of those sounds easy; an alphabet frieze to keep the shapes before their eyes; and the alphabet flashcards and the alphabet adventures software to re-enforce what they are learning through manipulation and play.

The Home School Early Start Pack contains the following products:

Early Years Handbook (EYH)

Printed in full-colour and packed with practical teaching suggestions, learning activity ideas and discussion topics, this 80-page guide was written for Early Years practitioners in nurseries, pre-schools and kindergartens.
With a double page for each letter of the alphabet, the Early Years Handbook gives clear guidance on introducing the Letterland a-z , A-Z and vowel characters effectively and simply. Ideal for busy teachers introducing phonics to little ones. Over 200 focused phonics activities included.

ABC book (paperback) ABC SB

This best-selling book is a much-loved publication and a perfect introduction to the Letterland characters. Children will enjoy meeting Annie Apple and all her friends as they look at the 26 beautifully illustrated scenes and listen to the accompanying stories. On each page there are lots of objects to discover beginning with a letter sound, so there’s plenty of opportunity for young learners to practice their growing phonics skills. Ideal for promoting phonemic awareness, developing vocabulary and teaching listening skills, the ABC Book is an essential addition to any child’s bookshelf and to any classroom where phonics is part of the curriculum.

ABC Adventures CD-ROM T90

Join Annie Apple, Zig-Zag Zebra and friends in this bright, animated software game suitable for children aged 3+. There’s a party in Letterland and all 26 letter characters will be invited – provided you can find them first! This well-priced new software is specially designed for use at home, or for individual nursery children new to Letterland and ICT.

Alphabet Songs (CD) T23

26 lively songs sung to well-known nursery tunes provide early learners with a great introduction to the Letterland alphabet. Encourage them to sing along as they learn the sounds the a-z make in words.

Alphabet Frieze AF01

Learn the a-z, alphabetical order, the Aa-Zz pairs and the letter sounds. An excellent interactive teaching aid for finger-tracing, letter-spotting and discussion, featuring each the 26 Letterland characters. A great first frieze, perfect for pre-schools and nurseries. Mount in seven strips to form a large poster or in a full a-z line. Includes the long vowels.
Please note that this is a fairly large frieze. It does, however, come in sections so that it can be spaced out.

My First Phonics Flashcards TF02

This set of 125 double-sided cards features the Letterland alphabet in both lowercase and capital letters plus 58 rhyming flashcards and instruction cards.